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 Velcro Replacement

Need some replacement Velcro?

Over a long period of time and continued use Velcro can possibly become damaged or wear out.  In the case of the Ultimate Surf Belt the likely culprit of the Velcro failing to stick any longer is usually the tongue portion of the belt.  One of the main reasons for this happening is if the user crimps the belt buckle on the Velcro itself causing the “Hooks” to become crushed and no longer function.  The industrial strength Velcro is a high quality low profile type with a water resistant backing.  Another choice is to use a high quality medium profile Velcro also with an adhesive backing and a bit more pliable and "sticky-er".

I am making available to the user pre-cut and measured “Hook” type replacement low profile industrial strength or a newer medium profile Velcro for $2.50 with better pliability and grab power with free shipping. 

Repair made easy:

Simply remove the old Velcro from the tongue of the belt using a sharp single edge razor.  Carefully lift the edges of the Velcro and cut the nylon stitching along the edges removing the old Velcro.  Be careful not to cut into the webbing of the belt.  There will be some additional glue on the base of the belt, this can remain without removing.  Take the new strip of Velcro and remove the backing. (For added adhesiveness you can spread a small amount of “Weldwood” original contact cement on the adhesive back side of the Velcro to prevent the edge from lifting over time.) Allow the glue to dry for at least 12 hours before stitching.

Place the new piece about ½ to ¾ of an inch from the lip of the belt and depress firmly until it is resting flat.  Allow the belt to set for about 12 hours.  Then have the Velcro stitched along the edges only by your local shoe repair shop using nylon stitching.  It should not cost more than $ 5.00 for this simple stitch repair.

Once the belt is stitched you are back in business for less than $10.00.  Any questions feel free to call me at 516-721-7595.

Replacement Velcro

Prior to the use of this product, you should determine the safety, suitability and fitness of the product for it's intended use.  The manufacturer or seller assume no liability arising out of the misuse of this product.

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