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The Original

Tiderunner "Ultimate Surf Belt" U.S. Patent Pending

This will be one of the most secure Hardcore Custom Made Surf Fishing Wading Belt you will own with our heavy duty stainless steel compression dive buckle!

"I developed this belt design (U.S. Patent Pending) after losing my own saltwater wading belt along with my Boga Grip, Van Staal pliers and Manley pliers during a pounding heavy midnight surf back in the fall of 2005. The plastic buckle broke and the wading belt fell from my waist into the water never to be seen again! I always wanted a surf belt that was strong, long lasting in a saltwater environment and secure to my waist. I could not find such a belt in any tackle shop that fit my needs, so I designed my own. I call it the Tiderunner "Ultimate Surf Belt." Give it a try, you won't be sorry." Steve Knapik

I have been putting together a few of these quality surf belts for friends and fishing club members, now, a Limited number of Tiderunner Ultimate Surf Belts are being put together for the 2019 fishing season.

The Tiderunner "Ultimate Surf Belt" is now available as a custom made order. This belt is made from stiff Scuba Dive Belt webbing (black) that will fit most 2" sheaths and carabiners and a 304* Stainless Steel compression spring dive buckle. I customize these belts myself and have them all professionally stitched here on Long Island NY, USA Made by a Surf Fisherman for Surf Fishermen

(This is nothing like the wading belts with plastic buckles and "Copycat Knock Offs" that are currently being sold on the internet and at many tackle shops for as much as $89.99)

No more fidgeting adjusting your current belt for waders one night and a wetsuit another night. Simple, Easy, Adjustable and Strong. All for a great price of $44.99. You simply can't beat it!

This heavy duty belt is reinforced with a generous amount of professionally stitched nylon threading & 2” wide industrial strength black Velcro with a water resistant adhesive. Should the 304* stainless steel dive buckle ever pop open the belt should not slip off your waders because of the Velcro reinforced backup system.

304* stainless steel is a high grade, low carbon alloy that resists corrosion, even in saltwater.

* Read the independent review of the Ultimate Surf Belt by "The Surfcasters Journal" internet fishing magazine click here

Care of the Belt: As many seasoned surfcasters know the saltwater environment can be brutal on all your equipment such as: rods, reels, pliers, dry tops, waders, wading belts, etc. Your Tiderunner "Ultimate Surf Belt" is made with quality materials and stitching.

Do not close the buckle on the vinyl Velcro tongue of the belt. This may cause early Velcro failure by crushing the vinyl "hook" fibers! Always make sure the vinyl Velcro of the tongue clears past the buckle before closing. Need Replacement Hook Velcro? Click Here

To keep your stainless steel dive buckle working properly it should be rinsed in fresh water after every use. This will keep salt, rust and sand out of the compression area of the buckle and extend it's longevity. If possible avoid storing the belt in the hot trunk of your car or truck over long periods of time. Avoid getting excessive sand, dirt and salt on the Velcro as this may decrease it's ability to stick to itself over time. Best way to keep the Velcro clean is to periodically use a small brush or toothbrush to lightly clean both the hooks and the loops to free trapped dirt or sand. If your Velcro hooks fail and no longer grabs the loops then click here for a solution.

Simple periodic care of your surf fishing belt and other surf fishing equipment can help extend their life and functionality. 

The Tiderunner "Ultimate Surf Belt" (U.S. Patent Pending) will hold Boga Grips, Pliers, Gaffs, etc. securely!

Heavy Duty Nylon Dive Belt Webbing

Strong 304* Stainless Steel Compression Dive Buckle

Professionally stitched Velcro backing

Hold's Boga Grips, Pliers, Gaffs, Sheath Knives, etc. securely!

Belt goes on and adjusts with ease and the buckle shuts tight. Perfect for waders or wetsuits!

Holds belt gear and waders securely even with the buckle open!

Steve Knapik, Tommy Cassino, & Jim Coucoulas wetsuiting

Perfect for when surf fishing in a wetsuit!

Use your Ultimate Surf Belt for 90 days from date of purchase. If you don't like it I will refund your money no questions asked!

You spend more money on two or three fishing plugs so why not invest in your belt and protect your expensive gear and equipment. Give it a try, you won’t be sorry.

Getting Ready for the 2019 Season!

Anglers in 34 States from New York to Hawaii, Washington, D.C., as well as Canada, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Serbia own the Ultimate Surf Belt!

OVER 1,600 SOLD!

A Limited number of these belts are being put together for the 2019 fishing season.

You've Got Nothing To "Lose"

Unless you're using an old plastic buckled wading belt!

"It pays to buy the Best Equipment"

Sizing Information: These wading belts are custom made to fit you with or without waders and a dry top or sweatshirt. For example if your waist size (pants) is 37" without waders then you would order a Large belt. If you are truly between sizes. i.e., between 33" and 34" it's best to go with smaller size down such as ordering the Medium belt instead of the Large. Your belt will fit your waist with or without waders plus your dry top or sweatshirt.

Any questions shoot me an email to steve@tiderunner.com or call my cell @ 516-721-7595

*Cost of these belts are just $44.99 U.S.P.S. Priority Shipping & handling (in U.S.A. only) is $10.00 (N.Y.S. sales tax will apply to NY State residents only),  or free pick up/drop locally.

Tiderunner "Ultimate Surf Belt" U.S. Patent Pending

*Small 26" to 30" waist $44.99  (1) in stock as of: July 14, 2019

 (Total length of the Small belt from edge of the buckle to the tip of the belt is approx. 46" or I can make it smaller if you want)

*Medium 30" to 34" waist $44.99   (13) in stock as of: July 14, 2019

(Total length of the Medium belt from edge of the buckle to the tip of the belt is approx. 50"

*Large 34" to 37" waist $44.99  (15) in stock as of: July 14, 2019

(Total length of the Large belt from edge of the buckle to the tip of the belt is approx. 54")

*Extra Large 38" to 41" waist $44.99   (10) in stock as of: July 14, 2019 

(Total length of Extra Large belt from edge of the buckle to the tip of the belt is approx. 58")

*Extra Extra Large 42" to 45" waist $44.99   (4) in stock as of: July 14, 2019

(Total length of Extra Extra Large belt from edge of the buckle to the tip of the belt is approx. 64")

** Belts of 46" waist and larger are custom made to order $49.99

**The cost of these custom sized belts are $49.99. U.S.P.S. Priority Shipping & Handling is $10.00 (U.S.A only) or free local pick up. N.Y.S. sales tax will apply to NY State residents only. Please email me or call with your specific waist size.

Pay By PayPal, check or by money order

To pay by check or money order email me your order first to steve@tiderunner.com If you want to order multiple belts, then save on shipping costs by calling me first at 516-721-7595.

Pay By PayPal


Prior to the use of this product, you should determine the safety, suitability and fitness of the product for it's intended use. The manufacturer or seller assume no liability arising out of the misuse of this product.

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